Only 1 Item Available: "Humanfobia - Ritual Box [Cemetery Ground]" The most expensive music single in the world

Humanfobia Ritual Box."Cemetery Ground"

*the picture photo is for reference only.


Only 1 Item available "exclusive"

Box in Trovicel Material. Adhesive impression stuck to the material.

Dimensions: 35 high x 25 wide

This Box includes:

- Memory Stick with Humanfobia single track:

"Cemetery Ground [Curse444] - " .wav format

+ JPG cover artwork. 1800x1800 px.

duration: 4:44 minutes.

- Plastic bag with Real Cemetery Ground

- Rosary with the Blood of Mist Spectra.

- Artificial white rose kissed by Mist spectra

(red  lipstick on the petals)



* box signed by hand on the back by Mist Spectra & Sábila Orbe.     PRIZE: 500.000.000 USD  --  In Cash.

For acquire this box contact to:

Product delivered personally to the buyer or a legal representative only in the city of Santiago, Chile.

(The Buyer has to pay his/her travel, this cost is apart of the prize of the product)

This product will be delivered personally by Mist Spectra and Sábila Orbe. 

This product is totally available. Only 1 Item. 

This Box can be purchased only under the aforementioned terms and conditions

Important: Only the buyer will can listen the track and see the true cover artwork.

there is not a preview of the track in any place on the web.

And the image of the box is not the same than the jpg image in memory stick.