Is another moniker of Sábila Orbe aka Yaka-anima aka Filmy Ghost.

This moniker works as a  kind of compilation of his work.

Is not a side-project, is a moniker for release his work inspired in new sound & aesthetic of the Chinese electronic club experimental music.


As usual Mist Spectra (Humanfobia Singer, and model/visual support in all his projects) helps to him beign the female image but using Faceapp software modifying her eyes, creating  a non-existent asian girl.





D I S C O G R A P H Y : 


- 30 September 2019: ACQUA WAVE (EP) with Dariusz Jackowski /  free download it from 3 alternative links: // //


- 25 September 2019: WHITE MANTIDIAN (Mini-album) released by Tsundere Violence. preview alternative links: //


- 13 March 2018: MANTIDIAN RITES (EP) released by Cian Orbe. DL from 2 alternative links: