Humanfobia Location:  Rancagua - Chile.  

Genres: Dark Experimental Electronic / Noise / Atmospheric / Witch House / Ghostly Computer Music / Dark Ambient

Concepts / Inspirations:  Cemeteries / Ghosts / Cyberpunk / Computers /

Parallel Dimensions / Pixels /  Spiritual Orbs / Abstract Darkness 

 Format: All music is only digital and for free download / under creative commons license 4.0 (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)


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works only with Mist Spectra as lead vocalist:




Mist Spectra:  *Female Vocals Since "Coimetrofilia EP (2018)" Visual Support.


Computer/Apps Keyboards (2016-2017)


Singer, non commercial model & computerized musician.  Born in Cali, Colombia.


She studied  digital photography on Anubis Institute, Rgua.  


Begin her participation on Humanfobia on February of 2015 as visual support for all promotion,


covers & digital art of the project. Months later, on november of that year take part as


software keyboardist. Since 2018 she becomes the Humanfobia lead vocalist. 



Sábila Orbe:  *Sound Programmer, Male Vocals, Mixer


Digital artist & computerized musician. Born in Rancagua, Chile. He made private intensive


courses of Adobe Photoshop with digital photography concepts. Also history of art through


autodidact courses. Sábila is the creator of Humanfobia, Yaka-anima & Filmy Ghost music


projects, in which he works as a music programmer through sound softwares and as singer.


Also he is the founder of Cian Orbe Netlabel. 

Humanfobia is a Chilean computerized music & digital photography project created by Sábila Orbe begin at the end of 2011 as a project of electronic experimental music, varies into a lot of genres like dark electronic experimental, dark ambient, witch house, glitch, noise, sound collage and others.


In early 2015 Humanfobia has a new member; Mist Spectra first as Visual Support and at the end of that year as Computerized Keyboardist. Between 2016 to end of 2017 the project change into a dark noise, creepy, atmospheric sound with Sábila on vocals without language, using the voice like an instrument more.


Later in 2018 Mist Spectra becomes on the vocalist, adding lyrics on Spanish. The project returns to their initial sound more oriented to dark electronic experimental, atmospheric ghostly noise.


All humanfobia music is made through music softwares. Used tools: Adobe Audition, Audio Sauna, FL Studio, Android keyboard apps and others. The Humanfobia releases are totally free for download. Their music is only created by the incentive of musical experimentation. 



* Info on Spanish= Información en Español: 


As photographic project / Humanfobia-Mist Spectra Social links.

They Make digital photography with diverses techniques and influences,

using various photography softwares for edition like Pixlr, Glith!, PicsArt, Pixia and Photoshop. 

In the links below you have all Mist Spectra pictures, some are just random pics, other editions, collages, etc.

Most taken by Sábila Orbe. except selfies.


For check and follow the Humanfobia Digital Photography & their music updates works in:

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