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*Humanfobia name and his Logo are a Sábila Orbe creation since Dec. 2011. *Yaka-anima - Filmy Ghost - Cian Orbe Netlabel & its logos are a Sábila O. creation since 2016.

All Music (Humanfobia - Filmy Ghost - Yaka anima) & Pictures of this website was created and programmed by Sábila Orbe & Mist Spectra. Except other Cian Orbe Artists.

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**This space is not available for rent. Is only for Humanfobia collaborators**

List in alphabetical order

David M. Paganin is a Dark Noise Experimental Project from West Footscray, Melbourne, Australia. Listen his work on:

Julien A. Lacroix is a Experimental, Electronic, Electroacoustic

Musician from France. Listen & follow his work on:

Juan de Dios-Chivi is a Painter & Illustrator from Andalucía Spain

For check his main works visit:


Klaus Mann is a Dark Noise Experimental Project. Listen his work in:

Murmure Intemporel is a France based non-profit netlabel specializing in Experimental music. It was born in 2012 from the merger of two netlabels, Gronde Murmure and Sillage Intemporel (created in 2010). Listen all his releases in:

One Infinite Loop aka Eden Mononym is a Idm, Electronic, Drone, Glitch, Noise, Experimental Project from Medford, Oregon (Usa). Listen his work in:

Petroglyph Music is a norway netlabel of ambient, experimental, and other not massive music genres. Created by  Øystein Jørgensen and Rune Martinsen.

Listen all releases on:

Rauppwar is a Dark Ambient, Harsh Noise, Drone, Power Electronics, Experimental Project from Gravataí, Brasil. created by João Cruz. Listen his work in:

Stahlfabrik is an Industrial ambient, electronic project

Created by Josep Maria Soler Solá from Spain.

Listen & free dl some of his works on:

 More works for purchase on:

Vokoj is an Experimental, Witch House, Noise, Industrial Project.

Created by Michael Klimes from Czech Republic.

Listen his work on:

Xtematic is a Harsh Noise , Experimental , Dark Ambient , Hnw , Glitch Project.

Created by Marko Jović from Croatia. Listen his work on:

Also in his music label on: