Cian Orbe is a chilean non profit MP3 Netlabel created by Sábila Orbe for support artists in ambient, dark ambient, drone, experimental electronic music & other not massive electronic genres. 


For submissions send us your work on mp3 320 kbps + A jpg cover min. 800x800px - max.1400x1400px. Also mention your main info & links. via wetransfer, filemail or others .




We admit a lot of "ELECTRONIC"music genres from Ambient/Dark Ambient to Darkwave, Witch House,

Minimal Noise, Idm, Glitch and other kind of Unrated Atmospheric / Dark and Weird Electronics. ////

Electro Rock and Space Rock can be admitted but with an electronic sound predominance. /

NOT  Techno, Trance, Dance, Trap, Dubstep or any massive genres.



All Releases are available for free download on:


MIRRORS: Releases from 01 to 154:  


Releases from 155:  or


For updates & news:  or Google+:


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The albums was divided in 4 categories: I - AMBIENT - II - DARK - III - EXPERIMENTAL -  IV - COMPILATIONS

I - AMBIENT  Drone / Neoclassical / Abstract / Synth Wave

II - DARK Ambient /Dark Electro Experimental / Darkwave / Witch House

III - EXPERIMENTAL Minimal Noise, Glitch, Electro Pop/Rock, Avantgarde & Others

IV - COMPILATIONS V/A & Remix compilations