Cian Orbe/Witch Spectra are  chilean non profit Netlabel

for support artists mainly in experimental electronic, witch house & other unrated weird  & dark electronic genres. 


Team: *Sábila Orbe: founder, management of all material

*Mist Spectra: Visual support, releases diffusion


Submissions to:


Releases since CIOR-210 are ONLY on:


If you only want to check only our releases on Witch House or similar music. Visit our Sub-netlabel: "Witch Spectra"


Releases FROM 01 TO 209 are for free download on:


MIRRORS: 01 to 154:   155 to 209:


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The albums was divided in 4 categories: I - ATMOSPHERIC - II - DARK /WITCH - III - EXPERIMENTAL -  IV - COMPILATIONS

I - ATMOSPHERIC  Ambient/ Drone / Synth

II - DARK/WITCH Dark Electro Experimental / Dark Ambient / Witch House

III - EXPERIMENTAL Minimal Noise, Glitch, Electro Pop/Rock, Avantgarde & Others

IV - COMPILATIONS V/A & Remix compilations



This page is a parallel project of our netlabel. Boring of  found on internet lists with female composers of all kind of genres including pop, techno and all genres... we decided make something more exclusive creating Benzaiten Muses. Accepting in our list only artists with a truly  interest on the experimental sounds. If you want to contribute to our list with some artist who aren't on it or with your own project, read the first entry of the blog.