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*Humanfobia name and his Logo are a Sábila Orbe creation since Dec. 2011. *Yaka-anima - Filmy Ghost - Cian Orbe Netlabel & its logos are a Sábila O. creation since 2016.

All Music (Humanfobia - Filmy Ghost - Yaka anima) & Pictures of this website was created and programmed by Sábila Orbe & Mist Spectra. Except other Cian Orbe Artists.

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Cian Orbe is a chilean non profit Netlabel created by Sábila Orbe for support artists in ambient, dark ambient, drone, experimental electronic music & other not massive electronic genres. 


For submissions send us your work on mp3 320 kbps via wetransfer or google drive to: // (We only work mp3 for give the possibility to artists to send us longer duration tracks) + a jpg cover min. 800x800px - max. 1400x1400px.

 Also mention your main info & links.

List of admitted genres:

*Ambient/ *Avant-garde Electronic/*Dark Ambient/ *Dark Noise /*Darkwave/*Drone/ *Drone Noise /*Experimental Computer Music /*Field Recordings (remastered)/*Glitch/ *Minimal Noise/*Musique Concrète /*Psychedelic Electro-Rock/ *Sound Art/ *Space Ambient/ *Synth Music/ *Synthwave/ *Soundtracks /*Witch House


If the visualization of the miniatures goes wrong go directly to:


If archive dot org is offline also All Music is available on:


For updates & news:

Registry on Discogs:

 All updates also on Google+:


 All Cian Orbe releases are available for free download in mp3 format in click in images below for link to each album. For dl on archive org, click on VBR MP3, then click on download button. ( ↓ number files)

The albums was divided in 4 categories:


** if archive dot org is momently offline. visit: for check it status.

AMBIENT  Drone / New Age / Abstract / Synth Wave

DARK Ambient /Dark Electro Experimental / Darkwave / Witch House

EXPERIMENTAL Minimal Noise, Glitch, Electro Rock, Avantgarde & Others

COMPILATIONS V/A & Remix compilations