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*Humanfobia name and his Logo are a Sábila Orbe creation since Dec. 2011. *Yaka-anima - Filmy Ghost - Cian Orbe Netlabel & its logos are a Sábila O. creation since 2016.

All Music (Humanfobia - Filmy Ghost - Yaka anima) & Pictures of this website was created and programmed by Sábila Orbe & Mist Spectra. Except other Cian Orbe Artists.

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Rancagua  - Chile.


Genres: Atmospheric, Computer Music, Experimental,

Dark, Noise, Electronic Avantgarde


Format: All music is only digital




Mist Spectra: Computer Keyboards, Visual Support.


Is a digital Artist, artistic model & computerized musician. Born in Cali, Colombia. She studied digital photography on Anubis Institute, Rgua. Begin her participation on Humanfobia on February of 2015 as visual support for all promotion, covers & digital art of the project. Months later on november of that year take part as software keyboardist.

Sábila Orbe: Programmer, Vocals, Mixer


Is a digital artist & computerized musician. Born in Rancagua, Chile. He made private intensive courses of Adobe Photoshop with digital photography concepts. Also history of art through autodidact courses. Sábila is the creator of Humanfobia, Yaka-anima & Filmy Ghost music projects, in which he works as a music programmer through sound softwares and as singer. Also he is founder of Cian Orbe Netlabel. 


Humanfobia is a Chilean computerized music & digital photography project created by Sábila Orbe begin at the end of 2011 as a project of electronic experimental music, his principal center is transmit emotions with a changeable and diffuse sound. Varies between noisy and dark atmospheres.


Other particular aspect in their music, is in voice tracks that don't have language, are just syllables unions, using the voice like an instrument more.


In early 2015 Humanfobia has a new member; Mist Spectra first as Visual Support and at the end of that year as Computer Keyboardist.


All humanfobia music is made through music softwares. Used tools:

Adobe Audition, Audio Sauna, FL Studio, Android keyboard apps and others.


The Humanfobia releases are totally free for download. Their music is only created by the incentive of musical experimentation. 


* Info on Spanish= Información en Español:



As photographic project makes digital photography with diverses techniques and influences, using various photography softwares for edition like Pixlr, Glith!, PicsArt, Pixia and Photoshop. You can check and follow the Humanfobia Digital Photography gallery in:


   Logotype 2011-2015             Alternative Logo        Logotype 2016- Present



2005 - 2007: Doll-or / 2008 - 2010: DimensionV

All tracks of these inactive projects are included and you can listened in the recent and future Humanfobia and Yaka-anima releases.

Doll-or was a Voice soundscape                    DimensionV was the second Sábila's project and never disclose Project, the                     experimental, dark ambient very similar to

first solo work of Sábila Orbe.                      humanfobia, but all tracks with a                                                                                  short duration.